August Monthly Progress: Savings $1500.00

BIG DROP in our savings. Most of it was to pay off our credit cards. Most people would freak out (Like my husband) but me? Not really. I had to calm my husband down and gently let him know that at least we had the money, and now we know how summers will be like. We just have to be prepared for next year for sure. Most of money was from utilities (summers are brutal in the desert), credit card bill, etc. I was hoping to save something from my end yet that didn’t happen. Things will change I hope with summer being almost gone.

I sold $1970 this month on eBay. Pretty good even though I didn’t hit my $2500 goal. I had a few spectacular sales yet I also had a handful of returns. Luckily they were all small returns so I’m not stressing. Perhaps this month (September) sales goal will be $2500.00. Even though this month sales start to pick up we have to make a bunch of road trips to visit family. I don’t like putting my store on vacation mode but family is more important and for us to be able to afford to do this is truly a blessing. Money is still tight but we are far from losing our home.

I haven’t mentioned my Amazon FBA experience. It’s because I started to get lazy. I enjoy shopping for new items but I get more thrills in thrift store deals. I really should get my Amazon FBA side business going. Even though I didn’t send ANY items in August I still sold  $275 and pocketed $180.00 (profit of at least $130). That should really motivate me to send at least one shipping a month. Amazon FBA is something I’m still in the process of learning.

It has also been a couple of weeks of my new part-time job. Yes I’m a busy lady right now. That’s what happens when you have goals. I like my new part-time job. It’s a little awkward since I’m still learning but this is something I never worked in so I’m learning a lot. Plus I get paid weekly instead of bi-weekly so it’s nice to look in my accounts  and see deposits from 3 different source of income.

I’m still not making the same amount I was making with my last sales-commission job but I’m getting there. Let’s hope September will be better. August was still a good month without any major financial emergencies. Can’t complain:).


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