“How Is Your New Job?”

Just got back from a short road trip to family in CA. This one was for my husband’s grandma who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It was great to spend time with her and we will probably be making more plans to go visit her. Besides getting to know his grandma, we also met up with a few people. Funny how they kept on asking me “How is your new job?”. Hey they didn’t ask me that when I quit my last job. What did they think I was doing to pay bills?

I don’t mind them asking but it feels awkward talking about a job I’m currently working at for 5 hours a week. Really how was I going to make a part time merchandiser sound exciting? They were more excited about the job than I was. All I’m really doing is stocking up cards. I have no idea how to dress up that job description in a resume, let alone in order to make small talk.

” Yes after nearly 5 years in college I strive to become the number one merchandiser in my city.”

“My daily goals involve making sure each slot is fitted appropriately with the right card for the current season.”

“My superior finds me to be a excellent employee due to taking pride in my work of ensuring cards are ready for the holidays”

I wasn’t going to BS about this job. So usually after my reply of “It’s just stocking cards” the conversation stops. Then I mention my eBay/Amazon venture and their eyes sort of glaze over. I understand why they don’t think it’s a real job because most people don’t see the potential+ benefits of an online business. I don’t really care but I wonder if they think I sit on my ass all day watching TV?

Oh well, back to the grind. At least I can drink while listing in my PJs.  Cheers!




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