The Grass Is Not Greener On My Side.

Ah to work at home… sounds fun right? Have my own schedule, and the customers are much nicer. NOT. My friends, even behind the computer screen drama ensues. This week for me is not my favorite, nor it is my worse, but it just feel as it is a llllooonnnggg week. Sometimes I just want to fling through my screen in to my customers face and REALLY tell them how I feel.

Customer #1.Leaves me a negative feedback. Not only is it a negative feedback she describes a sweater as a jacket. So I msg her and ask is this was a mistake? I sold her a sweater, and I also assume since I didn’t hear back from her at all that everything is fine. No she meant it was for me. Apparently there was a tiny tear on the seam and to make matters worse she couldn’t write English very well. She couldn’t understand what I was saying at first so I had write like a six year old.

Me:”I’m Sorry. I give you all your money back. You happy now?”

Lol I’m serious! Hey her replies are worse than this so I think I deserve a pat on the back with my patience. I stopped correcting her that it was a sweater and told her I’m sorry, and gave her a full refund. Let’s just hope she follows through with changing the feedback when the refund process is finish. She doesn’t know how to change it but I made sure to msg her the link on where to change it.

Is this bribery? Of course it is. Every eBay seller will say “Oh I just want to prove I have good customer service.” We all know we don’t want negatives. It’s a ding toward our top rated seller status. Which is crap to me at this point, but I just hate my feedback score going down.

Customer #2. Person won my item for $200.00. A week later he claims there is a scuff. I msg back I inspected this closely. Can you send proof? He sends pictures and it’s not considered a scuff. It’s a slight discoloration on the glaze. There is no dirt. I almost wanted to remind him that this is sold as “used”. I didn’t but I just offered $5.00 off or he can return it and I’ll pay return shipping. He doesn’t want to return it wants to keep it. I told him that is my choice and I’m sorry I  didn’t notice this said “scuff”.  Doesn’t want to return it. He wants $20.00 partial refund. LOL!! Seriously?! Now he just wants this item at a discount. I researched a little more on this guy and notice he sells these things at a profit. He really got a great deal on this item and to even try to get a better deal is just shady. In end he said he will return it but NOW I’m worried he’s going to do the old switcharoo with me. Let’s hope I receive my item back. I would hate to deal with eBay with things like this.

Most sellers would have probably given him the  $20.00 but it’s just wrong that buyers are able to do this. I don’t mind getting my item returned even if it is a few hundred dollars. I know with 4th quarter coming around I could have sold this for a couple more hundred dollars more. I didn’t realize I set this beauty to end during labor day.

Besides these two I deal with DAILY people asking for discount on items not on best offers, people asking me if they can purchase now and pay a week later (Uhh noo…there are other watchers), People telling me to measure my stuff again because it doesn’t seem to be their size (No. Each company version of sizes are not exactly the same), and people frequently telling me that I’m pricing my stuff too high and that I should sell it to them at a cheaper price (No you will have to wait until I feel like giving a sale).

The upside of all this? I’m making money and my business is growing. I’m set to double what I sold last year.


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