MLM (Multi Level Marketing): Frugal Person’s Pothole

The past few weeks my husband and I have been encountering people trying to bait us into buying their product or joining their  MLM company. I know some people are successful at it and even I dabbled in it. I sold Avon for a few months but honestly I did that just to help a friend plus I was always ordering from her so I enjoyed getting the consultant’s discount. It really didn’t cost too much to be an Avon seller back then and my sisters + friends were ordering from me. I stopped because I just wasn’t into it. The promoting and meeting sales quota to get the best commission really wasn’t worth it to me ( I was a full-time student with a full-time job already).

Now this post is about how MLM is a frugal person’s pothole. They’re just like potholes, so inconvenient and can’t be avoided. If you’re at a stage in your life that involves saving/ making more money, getting involve in ANY MLM  is not a wise choice. Unless you happen to be the only consultant in your region and don’t mind putting yourself out there everyday telling people about this product/company (I don’t like the idea of selling to your friends/family). In general any MLM company seems harmless. They all promote this romantic idea of running your own business and building customer relationships that last a lifetime. What they don’t advertise is that the market is so competitive, to make a serious full-time salary involves hurting themselves and their customers in the long run.

MLM is a cut-throat business. How often are you approach by one? How often have you seen posters or have an acquaintance mention that they are selling them? Times are tough out there right now so I notice they’re becoming pretty slick in trying to sell to you. Sometimes they even try to make you feel guilty for not buying/joining them. What I’m really disgusted by is the ideas they try to put into your head. How they manage to fool millions of people to buy their products to “better” their lives is astounding. Let’s see if any of this sound familiar.

1). I have a job offer for you. If you want to provide security for your family you should sign up for so and so.

Ugh. You know how many people approached me with this? I’m talking to you Primerica! After I graduated there was a handful of my colleagues who signed up for this and was trying to convince me to quit my job. Hey my job at the time wasn’t exactly my dream job but it food put on the table, and was paying my student loans. None and I mean NONE of them was successful at it, leaving them within a year. I’m assuming they weren’t making any money.

My husband also recently encountered one of these consultants. The way it even happened is appalling. He received a phone call from one of his former coworker’s daughter. She was generally vague in why she call but gave the idea it was about her father. Lo and behold after calling her back she was just trying to sell insurance. My husband was pissed and I was pissed. Luckily he said he will talk to his wife (guess what I said?!). The twit even decided to text back ” My father told me your opinion would matter.”

2). Selling our products allows you to feel more empowered as a woman. You can have a work/home balance by becoming one of our many successful consultants.

Any cosmetic MLM company always put this out as a reason to sign up for them. No thanks, but as a woman and a wife, I feel empowered by being a first generation college graduate in my family, having my first home (townhome) at 26, and taking  the risk of having my online business. I love cosmetics as much as the next woman but I just don’t put wearing cosmetics the same level as empowering.

ladies (even you drag honeys) be careful of acquaintances who out of the blue just wants to meet up. Look at their Facebook profile, or even their LinkIn profile. Do you see statuses related to these companies? Be wary friends because they’re hoping to sell you cosmetics you don’t need. I recently had to block someone because after meeting them for a coffee date, it was all for trying to get me to go to one their beauty parties (for girly fun!) and to let them know they are selling. After that I kept on receiving texts about the beauty parties. I felt bad for this person because she’s in a horrible time of her life but she should have known from talking to me that I didn’t have the luxury to buy her products.


There are many other recruiting/sales tactics they use and rarely tell you the true consequence of shelling out your own money. I understand you have to spend money to make money but if every is able to do it, how is it profitable? Why do they tell you to not listen to your spouse’s opinion? Why would you want to hit up a friends/family for sales with the eventual result of them ignoring your sales pitch for new products? Then to make matters worse MLM companies deny that their consultants follow such atrocious recruiting practices. They act like their not responsible for their consultants actions. Ask yourself this. Why would you trust ANY company that provides to these people?

Just say no to MLM companies/consultants if you’re trying to save and/or make money. You don’t want to destroy relationships by selling crap to your friends and families. Look for a part-time job to bring in a second income. Even learn to do what I do but with a different niche.




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One thought on “MLM (Multi Level Marketing): Frugal Person’s Pothole

  1. colleenpamela October 6, 2014 at 5:23 pm Reply

    Well said. I dread getting invites to Jamie at body Avon type parties, because I just can’t afford to buy even the cheapest thing there!

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