Our Great Score On a BBQ Grill & Accessories

For the past few weeks my husband and I have been purchasing BBQ accessories for cheap. This all started with this little gem I bought for him. He has been reading up on grilling with charcoals. I even notice he started to get obsessed with the whole grilling with charcoals when he start to talk negatively about our gas grill. Now our gas grill is just a cheap little one but it serves it purpose by grilling food fast. I already knew this wasn’t some passing fancy since he kept on talking crap about the food he was grilling. “It doesn’t taste as good, maybe grilling with charcoal will make a difference, so and so told me grilling with charcoal is better” was clearly becoming redundant.

So off we were looking for a grill and eventually we made our claim on this Weber Grill 22.5″ at Target. Of course being the frugal couple that we are, we paid this beauty on clearance. Instead of 99.99 it was clearance at $60.00 and it being the floor model we(he) didn’t have to worry about building it. We also added some accessories such as a grill cover (for those wicked desert sandy winds), chimney lighter, and some gloves. We bought all of those at clearances. Ah yes now our household had weekly BBQ sessions with delicious grilled meats and vegetables. Eventually we notice the insane amount of charcoal he is going through. Whoever told me grilling with charcoal is cheaper is an idiot because it literally cost more to grill with charcoal than it is with gas.

A 6Lb bag of charcoal is probably good for 2-3 BBQing sessions. I’m not sure how much they typically cost but we have been buying a cheap brand called Earth’s Finest. In our area they typical run for  $5.99. Not so bad. A 6lb bag is good for 2-3 BBQ sessions. That adds up though. We were using 1 bag a week. Though it’s not super expensive, to be spending that much just to grill it just bothered us that we were spending  $5.99 a week just to grill a few times. Luckily the cost of charcoal started to go down and eventually Earth’s Finest charcoal was on sale.

Yup. 18 bags of 6lb charcoals is sitting in our garage. We drove to about 3 Fresh & Easy and bought all of these bags for $36.00+ Tax. $2.00 was the cost of a bag  which is nearly saving $72.00. My husband was so excited you thought he found a box of cigars for 50% off. Our neighbors walking their dogs always walk a little slower when they pass by our open garage. Probably thinking we don’t have a proper kitchen or something.

The best part of this big score? I DON”T HAVE TO COOK. He loves to grill. I love to eat. Happily Ever After. The End.


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