Budget Travels: My Favorite Disney Related Sites & Blogs

Our Disney trip is coming up next month. Even though we haven’t met our budget goals for it we are stilling planning to go. As of now we have an estimate of $600 saved up for this trip. I think I budgeted around $1300.00. Still a bit faraway from having that amount so this month until then I will be:

1). Listing at least 25 of 31 days of this month ( it seems there is a direct correlation of how much I sell to amount of days I list)

2). Try to catch more hours from my part time job (Going smoothly btw)

3). Find things around the house to sell

Aside from our thinking about how to fund this trip, I have been visiting websites and blogs on Disney. So weird how I”m doing this now. I have been to Disneyland probably at least 5 times. Except this time I will plan our itinerary better. Itineraries to me first impression seems a bit ironic. Aren’t vacations meant to be relaxing? I use to feel that way years ago but when you are short on time and on a limited budget, an itinerary helps you to enjoy popular activities and helps you stay on budget. I love to read blogs to help plan out my itineraries due to the fact that most of them are not sponsored by companies but an actual person’s experience who may or may not be in the same situation as us. I do visit other websites because they tend to highlight parts of trips you wouldn’t think about. Here are my favorites websites/blogs that are Disney related that have helped plan our trip.

1. DisneyTouristBlog

Probably my favorite to visit. I’m green with envy with this guy. Who gets to visit that many Disney resorts in their lifetime?! Disney Tokyo is on my list of places to visit now.  This blog has beautiful pictures, and articles that are helpful. It’s well organized and is a must stop to visit if you are planning for a Disney trip any time throughout the year.


A blog that shows how this family saves for their Disney trips through couponing. I enjoyed her savings progress and gives an idea what a disney trip may cost for a family.


This site showcases great deals on all things Disney throughout the year.

I know this is not even a handful but these 3 really have helped me planned. I don’t have kids so most blogs are about saving for a family. Savings for just two people? Not so many articles. I decided to just focus on trying to enjoy the best rides and shows to see.


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