September Monthly Progress: Savings $1500.00

Sorry this is late. Didn’t realize it’s the 10th of October already and I didn’t post my September Monthly Progress. I know, I know, still the same $1500.00. Actually it was up to $1800.00 but my Hubs car needed some repairs. That’s what happens if you have a old car ( Civic 2002). The repairs start to come in more frequently. Hey it’s better than buying another car with a car loan.

We always get weird stares when we tell people we yet again paid for another car repair. They ALWAYS answer with ” maybe you should buy another car.” Then we always have to explain to them how financially it wouldn’t be wise for us. It would be nice for my husband to get another car. He truly deserves it but we both know applying for another car loan is not going to help with our financial goals in the next few years. Plus we don’t care what people think about us driving our cars forever. We’re not car people.

This October has started out slow in eBay sales. September ended with  roughly $1900 in sales. I had a few returns and had to do some partial refunds but I kept my inventory cost low so we will be able to fund our Disney trip more. I’m hoping to sell more since this is considered 4th quarter in eBay universe. 4th quarter is considered the best selling quarter. Last year I didn’t do too well but that’s because I had my wedding, and I was still new in finding out what kinds of clothing sell ( I’m still learning today).

My job decided to give me more guaranteed hours. I’m really excited and happy. I do like selling online but I do like having a “real ” job on the side as a back up. Plus it will help us get toward our financial goal of  having savings of $12,000. I’m still so new so I was surprise to be offered this many hours.

I hope I end this month with at least  $2500 in eBay sales. We have some things coming up to pay such as my husband’s car insurance, and my townhome HOA. I’m trying to sell lots of my inventory to help with this and I did tell my work I’m willing to work more hours. Plus my schedule is flexible ( the benefits of working from home). Hope your October is going well:).


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