Thrifted Closet : Eric Javitz & Koolaburra Shoes $22



Eric Javitz Ballet Flats & Koolaburra Pink Sandals

I love shoes. Clothes are great but shoes doesn’t exactly show you gain 20lbs (beyond that then you notice the tightness forming around 21lbs and up). These two I was excited to keep as a “stockpile”. I know, who stockpiles shoes? I’m not Imelda Marcos but I go through flats like crazy that I don’t mind doing it. I’m not familiar with either brand other than their retail price is expensive. What did I pay for them?

For the Javitz flats I  paid $4.00 and the Koolaburras I bought on eBay for $18.00 (includes shipping). That is a steal! I was going to list the Javitz in my store but they fit like a glove and is loosely woven in front of the foot to let more air in. I actually was doing research on Koolaburras. Research meaning how much I can sell these babies for if I found them. Those pink sandals were ending soon on auction with no bids. They look to be display shoes so there were a few dings but nothing major. They fit so nice I almost wish summer was back. ALMOST.


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