Happy Halloween In The Midst Of Chaos

I’ve been so busy I haven’t blogged in 10 days. So busy I haven’t listed in a week. So busy I haven’t been to a thrift store in a week.  SOOooo busy I almost forgot to pay for my student loans (luckily I always pay extra so I could be late until 2015).  My job literally gave me more hours overnight so I’m still trying to get use to jugging eBay, working, and household chores. Also my one year Anniversary is just around the corner and I still haven’t bought tickets and plan a simple itinerary.

My schedule needs to be prioritize and right now the job although it pays a little low, it takes priority. My eBay business has been put on hold for the moment. Oh my store is still open and I’m happy I stocked it well this summer (over 1,000 items right now). Now I decided I can only thrift maybe once a week, but I can only buy items that will sell for $25.00+. No more fillers for a while. It’s just not worth my time at the moment. If you compare where I make more money from my job or eBay per hour, it’s eBay that is the clear winner. Yet with my job I already know how much money I take home and can easily budget with it. So until the holidays are over, eBay will be second priority.

By the way I’m in the middle of preparing a small party for my hubs birthday (Halloween). I also have two stores to changeover for the holidays tomorrow. I think I can handle it. Hey if I could not sleep for 5 days straight for finals in College, I think I can handle tomorrow. Happy Halloween folks!



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