October Monthly Progress: $800.00

What happened?! Where did  $700 go?! Oh it went somewhere alright. My husband had to pay his credit card bill down and pay for his insurance. He’s pissed at himself for taking that much money out. I told him to relax because this month is the month where my work started to guarantee me more hours. Except for this month I had to pay for our Disney trip so I couldn’t exactly put anything in. Though I have some great news.

My generous father in law said as an anniversary gift, he will be paying for it. He also said to book hotels in the park if we wanted. Of course I didn’t do that because it already was a generous offer. I told my husband to just deposit anything he gave in our savings since I will be paying it off on my credit card. That definitely came at a time when we needed it and we feel very lucky to receive such a generous gift. So hopefully next month that number has gone up.

By the way today is my 1st Year Anniversary:). So Happy Anniversary babe! This year flew by so fast It feels like yesterday we were both scrambling to make sure our wedding day went smoothly. Can’t wait for the home cook meal you planned tonight. I’m sure it will be delicious as always.

This month on eBay/Amazon I sold  $2200. Not bad for someone who didn’t have time to list and this beginning of November sales are going strong. I’m exhausted from work most of the time so listing is not on my priority list right now. I wish it was but my work takes priority since it’s guaranteed hours. I’m sure I would have hit my  $2500.00 sales goal if I was listing as much as I use to. Perhaps this month I’ll shoot for $2500.00 again. I’m currently in the works of revamping my business. I have an idea on what niche I’d like to focus on. I just wish I had the time to focus on it. Right now we are still trying to get our house together since one of my cats destroyed a room.

Hope your November is going great! I will post pictures of our Disneyland trip soon.



One thought on “October Monthly Progress: $800.00

  1. colleenpamela November 9, 2014 at 6:46 pm Reply

    Well done on the sales!

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