Budget Travel: Disneyland Anniversary Trip $1300.00

Hotel Sheraton Anaheim 3 nights 4 days- $500

Disney Tickets 2 days, 1 park per day-$356

Kiosk Food-$30

Restaurants- $200


TOTAL: $1286

Yup $1300.00. It’s so weird to actually see that number for just a few days at disney. I’m use to making just a 1 day trip at the park so this was surprising. Though in the past going to the park for only 1 day really isn’t enough to enjoy Disneyland. I always end up missing smaller attractions and not taking enough time to see what the park truly offers.

I haven’t had time to load pics up but here are some things I got to enjoy compared to the rushed 1 day at the park I use to take with my family.

1).Penny machine hunt- My husband and I were able to fill a penny book of disney pennies. I suggest you bring at least $30 in quarters, $1.00 in dimes, and at least 1 roll of shiny pennies. This is a great way to get a souvenir as it involves going to each area and asking employees ( even though most of them were willing to give me change, I suggest to bring your own as to not use up all their change).

2). Galleries. Unfortunately I was only able to enjoy only a few but I never took the time in the past to enjoy them ( always racing to try the best rides a few times).

3). Table Dining. We only ate at two table dining restaurants ( 1 per park for us). In the past my family was on a budget so we brought in easy to pack food. It was nice not to have to carry a backpack full of food. They also had some nice counter service restaurants.

4). Taking time at Souvenir Shops. Oh man when your with your family you try to avoid these tourist traps (especially if you have little ones). It was nice to browse stuff that were thematic to the park section. Even though many souvenirs were the same in each shop, some were still just for that park ( for example build your own light sabers , and mini droids).

5). Christmas Decor. I have never visited Disneyland during their holiday decors set up. It was so beautiful and the ornaments were so cute. I don’t know how the employees can stand being so jolly throughout the whole day.

Now to be honest this vacation was very expensive and short but this was for our First Year Anniversary. We could have chosen a cheaper alternative but why? Being frugal doesn’t have to mean you don’t ever have to visit places, buy things you always wanted. The whole point of being frugal is to spend money on things you never thought you could afford with planning.



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