Credit Card Breaches Are A Bitch

Remember not too long ago it seemed major companies such as Target, Home Depot, and even thrift stores such as Goodwill had a credit card breach? I hate them soooo much because my bank sent me a new credit card twice. Now they had to close my account AGAIN because my credit card has been compromised.

I’m usually careful than most when I hand my credit card to anyone. I always make sure where ever I swipe my beloved card I make sure the swipe machine  doesn’t look like it rolled out a mad scientist laboratory. I also sometimes use cash because handing my card to waiters and waitresses incites a little paranoia for me. So when I received a voice mail from my bank verifying my purchases I wasn’t too surprise. Black Friday just happened, my spending habits probably seemed erratic. Nope it wasn’t the black Friday purchases that put a red flag but DENIED $1 purchases at convenience stores. I’m assuming these purchases were definitely out of state that put a red flag.

Luckily my bank caught this early in the game. By the way when you do receive a phone call from your bank to verify purchases, I suggest to not redial that same number and to call the number in the back of your credit card. Just to be on the safe side.


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