November Monthly Progress: 2,000.00

I told you a few blog posts ago my FIL paid for our Disney trip as an 1st Anniversary present to us. Whatever he gave us we deposited into our savings. I already was saving for the trip by working as much as I can and putting my eBay store on sale.

Many people would have use this as an excuse to spend more or to stop saving. I almost, ALMOST wanted to spend the extra money on things that I wanted but I reminded myself the savings is really what I want right now. It really is. I feel less stress than before when I saw that our savings is back up a little. I hope it doesn’t go down and whatever I make from my part time job is enough to cover for the holiday season.

I sold $1500 on eBay. This is pretty bad if I was listing constantly. Yet I wasn’t. I looked up the last time I posted listings and it was in OCTOBER. $1500.00 isn’t bad at all. Unfortunately this month I will be losing my TRS (Top Rated Seller) status. All from bogus returns ( customers who don’t want to pay for return shipping, or claiming item not as described just to get partial refunds). I’m not too upset by it because I’m still selling.

I can’t believe the year is already almost over. Are you preparing for next year? It’s time to remove my post it notes with my goals on them. On them I have “Savings to  $12,000 , and become a Silver Power Seller ( I’m currently Bronze).” I didn’t achieve any of them this year so it will be written again on new post its. Even if I didn’t achieve those goals , I still accomplished many other things. This year I got a new part-time job, sold over $20,000 this year on eBay, and finally opened 401K with my husband’s work. There are many other things, but financially those three has helped us get back on tracked.





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