Guess who didn’t hit any after Christmas sales?

I didn’t go shopping for anything after Christmas. It’s not like the Ads and coupons didn’t entice me. I just wanted to hold on to my money longer.

I hope your Christmas was a good one. Mine was good as usual and I stayed within budget with presents. The person I spent most money on was my husband and it was probably less than $75. Not too much money but enough for a video game and stocking stuffers. This year I wanted to save money instead of trying to worry if people were happy. It’s not their Birthday. Sometimes I think people forget the whole reason for Christmas is to celebrate the birth of our savior. The whole spending time with family with holiday cheer is a 2nd priority.

So when my nieces and nephews hands us a gift wish list, I usually throw it away and give them something else that didn’t cost as much. If I was met with disdain or crying I’m not shy to remind them that it’s not their birthday. Luckily for me and them that has never happened and every gift has always been received with grace and thanks.

Financially and emotional Christmas was a success. I was definitely working full-time for the time being and can’t wait until this holiday madness dies down. Getting a “Job” made me realize how much I love the flexibility and challenges of a small online business.


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