New Year, New Goals, New Changes

2014 definitely was a year of finding out what works for us. In 2013 I left my “stable” job for numerous reasons. I left it because the stress, lack of family time, and I was tired of commission sales politics. It wasn’t easy leaving. After 5 years I was considered a “lifer” and many people didn’t think I wasn’t able to do it because I needed the money to pay for a wedding and such (student loans, my townhome mortgage, etc). Of course I needed the money but I didn’t have any credit card debt, my car (from college btw) was paid off, and my townhome had a good renter. I left with a plan. I was going to pay my side of my bills with my online business (mainly eBay).

Luckily before I left we saved enough money to pay for our wedding and received money from family to help with the honeymoon. At least we didn’t start our marriage with debt but we did spend most of our savings. No regrets as that was the plan. We overspent our wedding budget only by a few thousand. With our nonexistent savings we had to buckle down and I had to tweak my somewhat questionable online business plan. In general our goal was to:

Save 6 months of living expenses which is  $12,000

Become a silver power seller

We didn’t achieve either but we did at least left 2014 with $2,000 in savings. I sold roughly $21,000 on eBay for 2014 (Keep in mind I do offer free shipping on my items). This year we basically have those two goals again but now we have better reasons why.

Why is $12,000 our magic number for our savings? $12,000 also includes our unexpected emergencies (car repairs, vet bills, doctor visits, house repairs, etc). Is our expenses really for 6 months rough $2,000? To be honest, no. It’s probably more so  $1,500. This amount is also a stepping stone in our plans to eventually move. I know moving is definitely costly. After saving that amount we will work on saving for our move. We both have moved before but we have never had to move a whole house full of stuff.

Why is becoming a Silver Power Seller important for us? Besides the fact that it means I’m making more money, It means I could eventually have the cushion to get off eBay and open an online business from my website. That is a whole series that will have to wait. To simply just go off eBay is like biting the hand that feeds you. I have an idea what kind of shop I want yet I need more than just an “idea”.

So in 2015 Here is our goals:

Save 6 months of living expenses which is  $12,000

Become a silver power seller

Pay off more of my student loans (Roughly $24,000)

Donate “dead” inventory MONTHLY (Stuff that isn’t moving)


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