Check Out My Sidebar.

I’m serious about paying down my student loan. As a constant reminder I decided to add my debt to my sidebar on the right. Yup. There it is. The actual total number of  $24,409.17. It use to be $28,000+ after I received my degree in 2012. I was able to lower my payments through an Income-Driven repayment plan. Yet I want this paid down more. Our goals to move, to eventually get a new (used) car for my husband is coming closer. So this year I want to pay more than I usually do. I usually pay around $220.00. If I can pay more than that per month I will be happy. Hey I’m not willing to go cheap and miserable here. I’m more of a baby steps type of goal setter. I probably should add my savings goal too. Eventually I will after I make my December deposit.


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