Budget Travels: Zion National Park 2015

My first budget travel post was in Zion last year. I’m happy to post that we are making another trip. I found a great deal at Cable Mountain Lodge. I know I made this year the year to save money and pay down debt and making a road trip is “wasteful”. Trust me that’s what I said when my husband told me he wants to go around my Birthday. The more I thought about it, the more I realize after months of working like a dog ( Hey I lost 7 lbs in the process)  and the holidays, we need a little get away.

Last year we stayed at the Zion Lodge and it was wonderful, romantic, and relaxing. We paid roughly $300 (Doesn’t include tax) for two nights with 2 days of breakfasts for two. Fantastic deal with it being the only hotel inside the park ( Don’t worry, it was as eco-friendly as possible with it being run by Xanterra). This year I found a great deal of $130 a night (includes tax) at Cable Mountain Lodge. Even though it is located outside the park, the convenience of having an actual “kitchen” is worth the savings ( Zion Lodge focuses on being eco-friendy as much as possible with only a few rooms having a small refrigerator).

Other ways we are saving are:

1. Packing enough food. We are only going to eat out once. Especially since they do have a kitchen.

2. Getting gas OUTSIDE of a nearby town

3. Bringing appropriate weather related clothing ( Brrr! It’s cold)

4. Use our AAA membership (We  used it to score a great deal on the room)

5. Bring some cash ( Just in case credit card machines are down, also to better negotiate with small businesses). Not willin to pay ATM fees.

I’m very excited and will post pics once we take the trip.


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