December 2014 Monthly Progress: Savings 2700.00

Yes it went up! It went up! Finally! Having this part time job has made that possible. I’m not entirely happy at my job but our savings is increasing so I can’t complain. Having extra has given us the chance to go on a road trip ( I’m here by Zion National Park btw), given us more confidence to plan our future move, etc. Until my online business has truly become profitable ( Matches my husband’s income) I have to keep working part time. I don’t hate it but it’s not what I want to do. There are some pluses.

I meet new people. It’s nice coming in to work and saying hi to nice familiar faces. I have responsibilities that make me feel important, and the schedule is flexible. Plus no more suits! I can come in gym clothes and I wouldn’t be told to go back home and change. So what don’t I enjoy about it? The lack of infrastructure in the corporate world ( ever have to complete something but don’t have the proper tools and products?), my co-worker who is trying to always get more hours from me ( annoyingly she USE TO BE a friend), sometimes my manager places way too much faith in me ( sometimes my tasks involve managerial duties which I’m not paid for), and it can feel repetitive at times.

It’s true, my online business itself is repetitive itself (thrift, take pictures, list, organize, research and back again) but it’s mine and I’m still learning in the process. I’m confident that one day it will become more  it is now.

Btw Last Month on eBay I sold $1,700, and on Amazon I sold $500. Couple that with my part time job, you can see why I was able to deposit $600 (My husband auto deposits $100 a month). Not bad considering I wasn’t listing at all. I just didn’t have the time. I haven’t thrifted since October 2014. I can’t wait to start though. I miss the disorganized shopping, the pennies to the dollar deals, and the researching.


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