Much Needed Splurge

Sometimes I come across a purchase that falls smack dab between “It’s pretty and will have add no value to my life” and “You needed this before you realized you needed it.” I did so a purchase a few weeks ago. It’s was nearly a $600 purchase (includes tax). Now what did I buy that made me put such a large amount on my target card? A Camera. A Nikon D3200. With two lenses and a warranty this bundle made me sweat at the register. Want to know the stupid part?

I kept telling myself it’s my birthday present to myself. HAHAHAHA. I haven’t done that since I bought a Christian Lacroix bag 8 years ago ( Fantastic sale btw). Yes it was a birthday present to myself but technically it’s a write off. I needed a new camera. Did I need such a good camera? Yes if I want to get buyers to quit emailing for more detailed pictures. My Iphone  4S doesn’t exactly provide detailed pictures even during natural sunlight. Did I needed to buy this now?

Of course not. I could have waited. No regrets though. My pictures are much improved. Now I just need to learn how to use it properly.

*NOTE: I know warranty purchases are a complete waste but I put this on my target card. target cards do not have a purchase protection plan. I could have added it to my actual credit card but the warranty reviews wasn’t so bad.


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