January 2015 Monthly Progress: $2700.00

Considering we went on a weekend getaway, bought a new camera, and had an extra mortgage payment ( We pay bimonthly instead of monthly) having our savings still the same is good. My husband actually took a couple hundred out to pay for his credit card and help with the extra mortgage payment. I then added a couple hundred in to bring it back up.

One of the most uncomfortable topics I have with my husband is money ( Also babies). I kind of had one with him. It’s kind of obvious that between the two of us I prioritize the savings more. With him he already knows what to spend money on. We have bickered about it but never to a point where one of us has to hide our spending. He is the breadwinner of our family but I am generally the money planner. I tend to know what purchase will break us, and kind of have an idea what will work for us retirement wise. It works for our relationship and it gives us both an equal foot in our overall “Financial Portfolio.”

So what was the bickering we had this month? I didn’t understand why every 6 months an extra mortgage causes our savings to go down. It just didn’t make sense to me if your receiving a bimonthly paycheck, then why does an extra mortgage payment affect us. I know it pissed and hurt my husband to question him but I just had to find out. In the end we worked it through. Actually it is still kind of a work in progress.

Aside from our savings I sold $1400 on eBay. Not bad considering I have “lost” the will to list and thrift. It’s not that I don’t enjoy listing and thrifting. My part time job can be physically weary. By the time I get home I just want to nap. Listing is usually last on my list and thrifting keeps being put off another day. After Valentine’s Day I hope my hours will lessen a bit. I do miss finding a great deal.


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