Trending Cost Of Crappy Festivals & Events

I live in a city that manages to convince the majority of it’s dwellers that to have fun you have to spend money. As much as I love how much Las Vegas has to offer, sometimes I just feel as if I have to constantly check my financial self. This city definitely has it’s perks. Aside from abundance of alcohol sold at affordable prices, Outlet Malls, and a Mecca of restaurants ranging from out of the box menu pubs to five star restaurants, our city is filled with pointless costly festivals.

Which is why sometimes I feel like our festivals, event, etc is just a way for event planners to roll out some shitty event to make money. Farmer’s market? In the middle of the desert? Sounds nice until you realize fruit is marked up 3x more than grocery stores with crappy looking produce. Thematic festivals? I’ve been to a few and some of them are pretty good but I feel like I paid just to see set up a booth with crap made from China. Don’t get me started with the prices they mark these things. I also think these theme marathons/runs that are not solely charity is stupid. To pay $25-$40 TO RUN is stupid. I just don’t get how I’m paying to run in a place that’s normally FREE but just because there is paint, bubbles, confetti, etc. It’s like New Year’s Eve on the strip. You’re paying 10X more just to drink and watch fireworks. You know you can do that on any normal day without fireworks right?

Yet people are convince that this is a great way to meet people and have fun with your friends. You know our city is filled with many ways to have fun without spending a lot of money? Do you know your $40 can go farther during happy hour? Ok I’m just venting because people are trying to convince me that going, doing, etc these things will make me happy.


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