Less Hours At Work = More Time To Get My Act Together

My hours literally dropped from 36 hours to 12 hrs. I’m so excited. This means I have more time to focus outside my job. My job can be physically taxing so instead of coming home and cleaning, listing, cooking I’m taking naps. Which I’m not use to doing in the afternoon. I appreciate I sleep like a normal person now (getting 6-8 hours of sleep) but I feel like I’m behind in every aspect of my life. So this week I actually have time to thrift, sort my eBay room, actually clean things that need it, and maybe even turn on my kindle.

It has been a while since I focus my time eBay related. My sales this month definitely prove that. Even though I have sales I still haven’t hit the $1,000 month sales. Usually by this time I hit around $1,800. So because of this I won’t be depositing as much as I thought in the savings ( I was aiming for $1,000). No biggie.

It’s 3am in the morning ( insomnia) and since I can’t sleep I’m going start my goals this week EARLY by organizing my eBay room. Here are also the rest of this weeks goals/tasks in no particular order.

1. Donate to Goodwill items that are sellable

2. Clean my bathrooms ( My worst cleaning chore ever), mop floors, vacumn

3. Clean out my closet

4. Go thrifting at least ONCE

5. List 40 items this week ( I have consignment pieces that has to go up)

Hope you all have a productive week!


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