Talking Myself Out Of Quitting

Yesterday I was having one of those days. Those days where I didn’t want to go to work. Actually I prefer to have certain days off but due to some changes, I had to come in. No biggie right? Well no, today there was training for a new person. I don’t mind that but again my boss trained this person in rose colored glasses. Literally almost the same way she trained me. Of course since training never really explains the whole story how business is REALLY run, my own work ethics were being questioned.

Why wasn’t I getting this done? How come this isn’t out yet? Yada yada yada. In reality she was trying to make this job look easy when I personally think is underpaid with the amount of contact I have to have with management, deadlines, and the lack of hours given. Eventually I came home tired, annoyed, and of course another bicker with my husband about quitting this job. There is a reason why I won’t quit…yet. I want to pump up our savings, and pay off my student loans fast.

It has been crossing my mind lately if I should just quit/resign. I wasn’t happy when I received this account. I stuck it out thinking maybe it might change over time. In the past six months I’ve suffered with wrist sprains, back sprains, some insomnia, verbal abuse, and not getting paid to work extra. It’s not as bad as my last job ( I suffered verbal abuse, and stolen sales) but my happiness level is down.

I’m sure many people without jobs probably think I’m being stupid. Who really enjoys their job right? Actually there are people who enjoy going into work everyday. Some actually make enough to live by and save. I want to achieve that level of happiness. I still do eBay and currently planning an Etsy Launch. I enjoy that more. It’s just that those two haven’t exactly made enough to save the amount we need for emergency, and retirement. You know what’s ironic?

I make more per hour with eBay. I know I probably should concentrate on it full-time but I was still getting burned out with the whole culture of being an eBay seller. Perhaps this Etsy project will be a better feel. Until then I will still work for this company until our savings goal is achieved ( maybe a little more to get some house stuff done and pay off my student loan faster)….ok this is a bit of a rambling post.


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One thought on “Talking Myself Out Of Quitting

  1. Sophie Cussen April 24, 2015 at 10:52 am Reply

    I appreciate where you are coming from. I get days like that. The work you really enjoy doing never pays as much but hang in there and it will. Perhaps think of it as a transitioning period between full time work and the work you really love. The day job would be okay if it wasn’t for other people eh? 😉

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