Budget Travels: Universal Studios In April 2015

I have to admit I didn’t prepare as much I usually do for trips like this. The plan is 5 days in CA. 2 days in Universal Studios , and the rest in San Diego with my FIL. Still, I feel we spent prudently and we didn’t come back worried about how much we spent. Here are some ways we try to cut cost. These seem common sense but do we always have that?

Ways we save on this trip:

1. Booked a room at Best Western through AAA. Again AAA had the best price for us. Even if I booked them directly through Best Western site. So weird. We paid $188.00 for one night. This included taxes. This was a Friday night booking so it was a little pricey.

2. Our hotel had free continental breakfast. Sure the eggs were watery, and the sausage rubbery, but they had apples, bananas, muffins, toast, jellies, etc. Still satisfied with that variety.

3. My husband and I shared every meal in Universal Studios. We ate lunch 2X, snacked 2x ( Doughnut & Ice Cream), and bought one of those sippers where every refill was 99 cents ( Sippers were $15.99… pricey but loved the Homer Head Sipper).

4. We brought snacks inside, and I brought a thermos of my favorite ice tea. This not only caused us not spend less on theme park food, but it was nice to not have to line up during peak lunch hours.

Since it is just us two, we didn’t focus too much on saving on Universal Studios. Though we did took advantage of the special of buy a ticket that’s good for the year 2015 ( Except black out dates). There is a long list of black out dates on the ticket but to be honest I’d rather visit during low season. Lines were ridiculously long during the weekend. I think from now on we will visit Universal Studios on weekdays instead. It’s just less crazy. Business hours may be less but I like to spend less time in line on rides. On Friday average wait time for rides was 25 minutes or less. Saturday it was 40- 60 minutes. I would hate to find out what the average wait time on rides during peak season.

   Here are some pictures during our  2 day visit in Universal Studios Hollywood.DSC_0004Me in the middle of using a penny machine.

DSC_0008                             Springfield! I love Simpsons.

DSC_0006                                 I was here five minutes before they opened.

DSC_0032                                Shared with my husband. SOoo good fresh and hot.

DSC_0014                              My husband said Duff beer was pretty mild but good.

DSC_0033                                Not opening until 2016.

DSC_0046                                    Part of the tram tour. I love this bear.

DSC_0064                               Part of the tram tour. Flintstones vehicle.

DSC_0076                                    Tram tour.

DSC_0086                                 The flood scene is one my favorite parts of the tram tour.

DSC_0106                                 Do you see her? Yeesh!

DSC_0113                                     Tram tour. A set from War of the Worlds.


DSC_0124                                   Cool meet and greet.

DSC_0136                                Infamous Delorean.

Hope you enjoyed the pics. Not sure when our next trip to Universal Studios will happen. Maybe August/September we will take a little weekend  ( weekday) trip


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