April 2015 Monthly Progress: $8,350.00 , And Reason Why I want to Quit/Resign My Job

We didn’t put much in our savings last month due to our trip to Universal Studios. No biggie. The fun was worth it and we are hopefully planning another trip to take advantage of the non-black out dates. Summer is approaching fast and we are prepared. For the next few months until I think August our utility bills will be higher. It’s just the way it is when you live in the desert (Or pretty much anywhere else with humid/dry/hot summers).

I don’t know how to save on our electricity bill other than to draw the shades and walk around naked all summer. That’s just not happening. Though tanks, and loose fitting shorts and pants are currently being dusted off. I told my husband to not worry so much since I’m not planning to leave my part time job until after summer. I’ve contemplated my decision to leave and here are some reasons why I want to leave.

1. The stress. It’s just not worth it to me anymore. In the beginning I didn’t mind, but now I’m starting to come home just pissed at the whole situation.

2. The pay. It’s nice to get a steady paycheck but it’s not worth it to me to come home so tired that I’m not listing OR thrifting. This was suppose to supplement my eBay business and I didn’t want it to become my main source of income.

3. Flexibility. It’s true some merchandising accounts are flexible. Yet I’m tired of not coming home when I schedule myself too. It just doesn’t work for me and my husband. While I work 4 or 5 hours, the amount of work remaining always stresses me out that I need to stay longer.

4. Etsy Venture. To prepare for this doesn’t just include producing, we want to start another blog ( food blog). I also need to prep for storage/inventory for Etsy stock.

Notice how I didn’t list the lack of benefits. That’s because there is literally none. Due to not enough hours , most of the merchandisers in the company are not qualified for health insurance, and certainly do not make enough to contribute to a 401K. Which is why this company has high turnover. I’m not bitching about the lack of benefits. I solely took this job for the flexibility. Though I didn’t expect organized chaos for the rest of my experience.

Aside from wanting to leave my job, I’m still in the process of clearing out some dead inventory. My eBay store currently sits with 850+ listings. Roughly 50 of them are consignment for a lady I’m helping a bit. I need to pare it down a bit. Since I sell mostly clothing I need to get rid of some that isn’t trending anymore. I don’t sell mainly trendy clothing but I do sell functional styles.


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