Pet Budget Going Up

We are almost out of dry cat food ( I feed wet/dry mix) and I figured this is a good time to see if feeding them grain free food will help one of our cats. Before our black one (Jager) got sick they were on just a dry food diet. After he started getting sick I started feeding them a wet/dry mix. Just on wet food alone I spend  $50 a month for wellness wet cat food. I definitely saw improvements in all three cats. More energy and less flakes. I made the mistake of trying to feed them just wet food but let’s just say I had to keep cleaning their litter boxes so I figured wet/dry mix will be ok. Now I know our cat Jager is ok but I want to see if he will feel better if I put him on a grain free diet. To me it’s worth the extra cost. The cat food budget will go up since I will be spending money on grain free dry cat food too. I’m not sure how much it will go up but I think it would go up to $75 per month. IMG_1117 IMG_0301 IMG_0750


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