Mini Inventory Purge 55+ Items. To Craigslist, Garage Sale, Consign, or Donate?

My eBay store had roughly 820+ items yesterday. Now it stands at 770+. I did an inventory purge last night and yes it put a dent on my inventory. I’m happy and I’m thinking of doing another one next month. All of these items are going to be donated. I’ve contemplated ways too make money off them but I figured it wasn’t worth my time, and space.

See, I was thinking of either putting them on craigslist, throw a garage sale, or head on down to the consignment stores. Craigslist seems like a good idea but I never really had a great experience with craigslist. Too many people show interest and set a date to check out my stuff but always end up canceling (Meaning not showing up at all). Don’t forget I live in Las Vegas where the creepiest, and most jaded people live ( Hmm…. Am I also creepy and jaded?). Garage sales are a no go. I figure to have a successful garage sale you have to wait for good weather, pay day week, etc. Plus my husband doesn’t like the idea of random strangers walking around his “Man Cave”. Consignment seemed like a go but I was thinking of past experience, and I never really walked out with much cash. So I figured I just donate them. I have enough to donate to get a 30% off coupon. Maybe I’ll go shop for some inventory.

I’m trying to change my inventory a bit. I’ve been doing this for a few years now and can kind of get a feel what will sell and not sell. Technically anything will sell on eBay if priced low but I’m trying to stick to my average sale of  $25 per item. Anything lower are considered “filler” sales. While filler sales are good during slow times, the time to list them as a majority is a waste of time to me. I need to focus on better items people will buy. This way I’ll be at a point where I’ll average $6,000+ of sales a month. I could have more than 1,000 items in my inventory and hit only $2,000 in sales. Not a good business model to me. To have all this dead inventory not moving is costing me money and space. I’m lucky I have an eBay room ( 100 sq ft) but it’s getting a little tight.

Before I got this part time job, My inventory was nearly at 1,200 items. It’s gotten down quite a bit since last fall. I got rid of stuff by putting my store on sale, and donating. I know for some sellers its hard to donate items back. It’s like admitting defeat, or your not successful. I don’t think of it as that way. I feel like by admitting you bought wrong and buying right is a sign you will get better.


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