Just An Update

A lot has been happening. For  a while I had a hard time coming up with topics to post but now I can’t decide. So here is an update:

(1). I dropped my biggest account from my part time job. I’m done. Really I’m done. The stress isn’t worth it. Plus I’d rather focus my energy on (2).

(2). I’m listing consistently. I finally started thrifting more. Sales are slowly coming in because of it.

(3). Still doing inventory/home purges. Finally having more room in my eBay room and home. Though my husband is having trouble throwing stuff away. Between the two of us he holds sentimental value on things.

(4). In the process of listing my townhome on sale. The market is good. Still I’m unsure with the process but the property mgmt has so far been patient and has tried to make the selling process as easy and possible. No offers yet.

(5). finally my husband and I agreed on a new website name for the food blog/etsy venture. Will release the name once it’s semi-ready.

Will blog soon again. Have a good weekend!


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