May 2015 Monthly Progress: $7650.00

Well May will be interesting when I take a peek on both our spending habits. By the way, the drop in savings is because we had to spend money on my husband’s car and he had to pay off some of his credit card bill still from our last road trip. Unfortunately for June my car will use up some savings as well. Plus the slight rise in cost of utilities didn’t help. At least we had the money right?

Our townhome is finally listed but the tenants are being a bit troublesome. More on that later. When a huge amount of money and emotions are involved, people just start to do and think irrationally and make things personal. When it finally sells it will definitely help with our goals and our accounts.

I have less than two weeks left in my large account for my part time job and I’m so ready to drop it. I will definitely be celebrating. I can’t wait to start thrifting, listing, researching regularly. I started and have found some things and sold some things. Having the pressure of depending on myself will be a little stressful but at least it wasn’t as stressful as when I had to work with employees at Crap”Mart”.

I haven’t been on the ball in looking at our spending habits and making a budget. I will get to it for sure this month. This is the gist of how I will do this:

(1) Look at both our spending habits for the month of April/May

(2) Categorize everything

(3) Look at which categories we can cut down

(4) Estimate What To Spend On Each Category

(5) Find A Good Number On What I Need To Profit On Ebay For Consistent Contributing Income

(6) Talk With Husband About Plan

(7) See If We Stick To The Plan For June ( Probably not but will try to in the next coming month)

For the rest of the year my husband told me not to look for a part time job anymore. I should stick to eBay. The money coming in from my part time job was nice but he really didn’t like me coming home unhappy, stressed, and just angry sometimes. I agree with him. So for the time being no job hunt.


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