Back To eBay & New Venture

4 days ago was my last day at my biggest account as a merchandiser. I still work part time but it’s a very limited amount of hours. As in mostly less than 5 hours a week. I can’t tell you how relieved I am. It’s true I was getting consistent amount of hours but I was just stressed. I was stressed because Crapmart really doesn’t follow through with their vendor contracts, and my own bosses really had their hands tied down as well. So nothing was getting done in time. I’m not saying all of Crapmart stores are like that, but let’s just say the majority are. While I should have probably relaxed and just let things flow (since my own bosses don’t do anything as well), there really wasn’t any progress of things improving. So I left. Hey I was nice enough to give a 1 MONTH notice for that store.

I admit I felt like I was giving up too quick. I’m not a person to give up quickly. Though if I get the sense I’m being mistreated, and being blamed for things that are not in my control, the only thing I can do is pass the torch to someone else. Plus I never wanted this to be my main source of income. Because I was so tired at the end of the day, I was never in the mood to go thrift and list. Which meant my sales dropped. Not a biggie since I was working right? Well up to this point I started notice I was making more doing eBay. If I compare the hourly between the two, eBay/Online selling was paying me more. That is another reason why I decided to leave. I also didn’t get the feeling of accomplishing anything there compared to eBay.

I think in any job there is a goal that should be planned each day and to get it done. Even if you say you hate your job, if you’ve been there for years you get that satisfaction of getting things done. I hated my last job working in sales but accomplishing my monthly sales goals was pretty satisfying and probably kept my sanity in check.

I also wonder if I should have told my bosses the real reason why I’m dropping the account. Then I notice that these problems were always visible. Every other merchandiser I met in the company actually felt a sign of relief that they don’t do crapmarts because of the same problems I was experiencing. What’s the point of voicing my concern if I know they won’t try anything to change? Besides I’m still working for the company ( No crapmarts account though). My “concerns” may probably come as me complaining and might deem me problematic.

So now I have to really get back to my thrifting-researching-listing mode. I’m excited. I went thrifting this week and I missed finding such good deals. Summer will be slow but I think of it as stocking for the upcoming major holidays. I also have our new venture.

I hope to finally get our food blog up so by late August/Early September so we can open our Etsy store. This involves putting money down for website, shipping and packaging supplies, business cards & labels, and ingredients. We honestly do not know if we will succeed or not but I think it’s a great way for my husband to share his knowledge in baking and cooking.


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2 thoughts on “Back To eBay & New Venture

  1. Adventures of a Fiscally Fit Chica June 25, 2015 at 5:51 pm Reply

    Good luck with the new venture!

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