Finding Meat At A Discount

We are definitely blessed to live nearby so many grocery stores. I know what your thinking ” Why is that a blessing? Finding deals can be time consuming, and you end up having too many of those membership cards.” True but the only cards I have are for Costco, Savers, and CVS. Deals can be time consuming but if you are sticking to produce and meat, comparison shopping doesn’t take too long. Another reason why I love that there is so many grocery stores near me is that they compete like crazy for being known as the best price.

I told you we shop maybe once or twice a week, never more than 6  times a month while spending below $300 between the two of us. It’s a little high still in my opinion but still considerably low. Another reason why it’s high is because my husband loves to bake so we buy flour, chocolate, nuts, etc frequently. We basically stick to WinnCo, Costco, Fresh & Easy, and Sprouts. Recently, we discovered another way to save a little bit on our groceries. I’m not sure if we are saving yet, but as our freezer fills more with meats, we will buy less meat as the months go on. We notice when the meats at Fresh & Easy goes on sale.

Have you ever notice how sometimes grocery stores have a sale on certain items? In general it’s like a a month or 6 week cycle of keeping their inventory “Fresh”. If your like us, if you see meat on sale, you buy more than you need. Probably enough to last you a few months. I don’t come across deals like this frequently which is why we usually stock up on meat from Costco. Yet I started to notice Fresh & Easy frequently putting their meats on sale on certain days. Ours are usually Monday & Thursday. I’ve been coming home with ground beef, lamb, ham, and even chicken purchased for as low as  $1.50 lb. I think the best deal we walked out of there was a few weeks ago where my husband found a frozen 20 lb ham for $6.00. I usually let him inspect the meat before purchasing ( He use to work in a grocery store) and many times they are safe to take home just as long you are freezing it immediately and thaw them the night before cooking.

So now I told him we need to lay off the meat deals we’ve been having. Our freezer is starting to get stuffed and anymore meat would mean less room for his bake goods. This changed our Costco habit a bit. Nice not to spend so much money at Costco for meat. They’re still priced very well compared to the normal size grocery stores but I don’t mind making these little trips since Fresh & Easy is just a 10 minute drive away. I really hope they won’t stop with the deals like this.


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