June 2015 Monthly Progress : Savings $7,000 …and going down even more the following month.

Urgh…..THIS MONTH REAAALLLYY SUCKS. Well here is a summary of our income and expenses this month. Keep in mind I also included business expenses as well so my ebay contribution was rather small. I rounded the numbers to the nearest dollar.

Income $4,731.00


Home ( Mortgages, Utilities, Etc): $1769.00

Transportation ( Gas, Insurance, Repairs): $1308.00

Business ( Store fees, membership, shipping, etc): $727.00 ( Note: I sold $1060. Minus Business fees, profit of $333)

Student loans: $400 (I added an extra $100)

Household (eating out, groceries, entertainment, iTunes, etc): $1074.00

Pets: $104.00

Expenses Total: $5832

Income- Expenses  Total: $-650.

Let’s just say we definitely need to watch our spending. I’ll tell you what happened in June. Both our cars had to be repaired plus their registrations were due ( Over $1,000 for both cars repairs + registration), our air-conditioner on our first floor needed repairs ($500), and we started buying supplies for our Etsy venture. I’m sure it’s also because we spent a little over in groceries (by $100), and bought a few things we really didn’t need (games, and too many snacks) but that’s small potatoes compared to the amount of repairs we had to take care of. Next month our saving will go down again. I really hate that but that’s life.

I am a little worried that I let my big account go. I sure could use the money now but I have to remember my priorities are with my eBay store and planning the Food Blog/Etsy Venture. It’s so slow on eBay right now. The only thing I could do is list consistently and sales. In June I only listed 10X (Meaning how many days I listed items) and the amount was a handful each day so selling $1060 isn’t so bad, yet the amount I spent on inventory was a little too much ( Okay it was ALOT). I have a goal to list at least 22X in July.

My townhome is still on the market. We brought the price down a little bit, and finally had some people view it. Though no offers yet:(. I hope we have some soon. We could use the money to buy more inventory for eBay & Etsy plus just pad our savings more.

This month we are trying to stay home as much as possible. It seems our spending goes out of control when we decide to just “browse” in stores. When we were at home goods we always seem to add things we could use for the Etsy venture in our carts. I wouldn’t mind doing that if we were making money from it now.


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