Just An Update

Hello All! It’s been a couple weeks from dropping my big account at my part time job. What have I been doing? Let’s see, my husband has decided to go on a lifestyle change of eating better, I’ve been catching up on my video games ( Hey this is my vice ), and thrifting and listing. Now I’m in the process of starting our etsy venture/food blog.

My husband has started to eat healthier. I’m trying to follow him but I just can’t stop eating his bake goods. Short bread cookies, pumpkin bread, chocolate strawberry cake…nom nom nom. He’s currently testing out products to sell on etsy and just trying to learn decorating cakes. We have been giving out goodies to our close friends and families because if I ate everything I would gain all the weight I lost these past few years ( YES years..not weeks nor months. YEARS of losing 27 lbs). We’ve also been going on walks a few times a week. I can’t wait until we can both handle jogging.

I’m not a huge gamer but I do enjoy RPG every now and then. My husband bought me Harvest Moon Animal Parade on Wii. I personally think he purchased this so I would leave him alone while he plays on his Xbox. Except now I don’t have my priorities straight. Instead of working on our food blog I’m turning on my Wii ( I guess I am a bit of a nerd) . At least TODAY I finally started. I have no idea what I’m doing but It’s always best to start somewhere.

Oh Thrifting and listing. The thrifting part I like. The listing part is more of a chore for me but I do list 5-10 items a day by reminding myself that by listing I’m contributing to our income. I’m on a strict budget on inventory. I’m back to spending  $50 a week. Last week I only spent  $36. I’m not on a super strict budget. If I have to go over  $50 a week I will. I have spent $50 on jackets to sell for  $150. Though I rarely do and it usually depends how fast I feel I need to sell the item.

This week sales have been really slow on eBay. I also received a return on a high price item. I’m pretty bummed because the buyer filed “Item not as described” even though I have pictures to prove I’m right. I learn to just shrug it off and not fight it. Especially since it’s just for a $50 pair of shoes. So I received it, blocked the buyer, and listed it higher. It’s still a great deal even if I listed it higher since MSRP is nearly  $150.00.

$800.00 is what I need to make monthly. Which is $200 a week. Looking at it as a weekly thing instead of a monthly thing is a much easier goal to achieve. Unfortunately I didn’t make it but let’s hope next week I have better sales. I could always try to look for another job but I did promise my husband to work on our etsy/food blog for the time being.


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