I Needed A Little Break

I haven’t posted in a while because my wrists needed to rest. My wrists have been hurting for a month now and last week the pain had gotten worst that my shoulder were starting to hurt. It’s from injuries from my part-time job ( I carry 10lb- 20lb boxes, and frequently take them off very high shelves), and also from blogging/listing. Even though I was wearing a wrist strap , I mistakenly kept doing things I should have ease up on. Now I’m feeling much better.

Unfortunately since I took a break from the computer, my sales weren’t great at all. I only sold $142.00 last week. I also spent around $85.00 on inventory. I really hope sales improve soon.

This week I spent roughly $65 on inventory. I want to go thrifting again tomorrow but I think I should wait. Money isn’t flowing in as fast as it use to. We are also starting to spend on our venture so our savings will definitely go down.

I signed up at bluehost for a website and I thought it would be charged monthly but they charged me for the whole year. Ouch. Oh well at least it’s a write off. Then my husband started to buy materials for cakes. He is still practicing and hopefully he will start feeling comfortable taking orders.

Yup. That’s what has been going on the past week. I hope all of you have a good week.


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