I Lost Interest In Amazon FBA

I think I mentioned last year that I was trying the whole Amazon FBA side business venture in addition to my eBay one. Since the beginning of this year I lost interest. I admit I probably should have done things to make the process easier on myself, but I didn’t. Here are the reasons why I decided not to continue with it.

1) Finding inventory started to become a chore I didn’t enjoy. You know how I mention I like thrifting? Well sourcing for Amazon FBA didn’t quite give me the same thrill or deals.

2). It requires more investment in inventory and shipping. In my opinion you need to fork up some serious cash to truly get it going. I mean investing in the scanner, finding reliable sources for inventory, etc.

3). Sending in inventory can sometimes result in your items getting damage before getting checked. The whole shipping process is confusing, and in reality it is organized for the benefit of Amazon FBA. You definitely need to package your items carefully. If it arrives broken, then it is not accepted to be on Amazon FBA.

4). Feedback ratings are important but unfortunately more people who are unhappy leave feedback. To high volume sellers it is poor business practice to focus on feedback but it really bothered me that I can sell 25 items and only get 2 feedbacks.

5). Starting to feel like a numbers type of venture. Online selling really requires you to be financially involved, but to stick to new products like I did felt like I was thinking too much about money. Don’t get me started on the yearly storage fees.

I admit I really didn’t give time to learn more, and enough money to invest. So for now I’m just trying to slowly sell my inventory off. Did I make money? I did. Especially during the holidays, it was nice to have my bank account full. Besides making money, I did enjoy some things. I liked that the customer service for Amazon FBA were pretty much helpful, and always answered my questions quickly. I sometimes liked that you really need to know the retail market. I really liked how Amazon FBA felt like your employees by dealing with your returns and notified you of changes.

I know I can choose to continue selling on Amazon but I prefer FBA because it was much easier to keep my eBay & Amazon inventory separate. I hope this doesn’t prevent you from trying Amazon FBA if you’re interested. Some people definitely have more motivation than me and are succeeding in ways you can’t imagine.


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