July 2015 Monthly Progress: $5,000.00 And Why My Family NEEDS To Go Dutch.

My husband and I had to pay our credit cards and I also didn’t make as much as I wanted on eBay. That’s why our savings went down to $5,000.00. It’s a big bummer and the more I think of why it went down, the more I realize it’s just the way summer is. Summer is usually when our cars need major repairs, utilities go up, house needs repairs (why summer?!), and hours are sometimes cut back.

At least sales went up a bit on eBay for me. I’m also trying to phase out auctiva.com. I realize the templates are not mobile friendly, and the fact that pictures only upload on the item description and not on eBay gallery isn’t a good thing for me. I will probably still use it to schedule listings but I will see if turbolister is better.

Has this ever happened to you? You go out with friends or family, kind of like a couples night out to only end up at a pricey restaurant. You end up spending money you didn’t want to. Then there is always the evening “Let’s do this again!”. That happened to us recently. Sort of.  My sister received free tickets to a show and we went along. The show was good but we ended up at a pricey restaurant afterwards. It was six of us, and my sister (the other couple was my other sister), who had the free tickets paid for everything. We tried giving cash, but she never accepts money from us. I know because she is a generous person. Of course the other couple wants to go out again. Insisting she will pay for everyone next. We didn’t reply and to be honest we don’t mind going Dutch on our couple dates. Plus we pick our meals based on what we can afford most of the time. So we have been turning down “Couple Dates” because we don’t ever want to be in a situation where we pay for everyone because it’s “our” turn.


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