Slowly Clearing Off My Inventory

It’s almost 4th quarter and I’m getting ready by:

1). Listing items based on research instead of “fillers”. No more unknown brands, and low end brands ( clothing such as Forever21, Aero, etc).

2). Adding more items I’m not used to buying. My store now has athletic (doing fairly well btw), and more plus sizes.

3). Going through my inventory and getting rid of items that has been around a year or so. I’m donating items I’m getting rid off.

Hopefully by 4th quarter I will have roughly 1200 items. I feel that is a good amount. Yet I want it good inventory. My niche is mostly clothing and I’m still learning a great deal what sells and why.

Sales are definitely worse than last year. Many sellers are blaming it on eBay’s new search engine Cassini. I really don’t know the true reason why but I know sales are slow for me because I’m not putting as much work as I use to, some of my prices can be lowered, etc, and using Auctiva’s format probably wasn’t helping me.

Aside from eBay, we are planning to start putting  products up on Etsy soon. I’m not sure how it will do but it doesn’t help to try right? I will share our food blog soon when I finally have our Etsy Store up.


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