Do I Really Need Twelve Pairs Of Shoes?

Today while thrifting I found a pair of walking/mild hiking sandals. The brand is Jambu (website ). These shoes are not cheap and by me buying them for $6.00 is literally a steal. It was just great luck that they were my size. As I was storing them with the rest of my shoes, I notice I started building up a shoe pile. Not as much as when I was younger but it got me curious to find out how many shoes do I have. A few years ago I got rid of many of my work shoes since I quit my job, and with my new part time job, I started buying more casual shoes. How many shoes do I have? Well around 12.

2 Pairs of Boots ( One short bootie, and one winter boots)

4 flats (ballet flats, and moccasins, slippers)

3 pairs of sandals

2 sneakers

1 hiking shoes ( unfortunately never used them lol)

Now the real question is “Do I really need 12 pairs of shoes?”. The answer is no. 12 is obviously too much for my lifestyle. I started to wonder if I had to, how many can I pare it down to to fit my wardrobe. I think I can honestly live with 8 pairs. I could probably get rid of 1 pair of sneakers,  1 pair of slippers, 1 pair of ballet flats, and that 1 pair of hiking shoes I bought thinking my husband and I would go hiking more. I’m obviously not going to do that but the next time I find a pair of functional cute shoes, I’m going to just sell them in my online store. The good news is most of these shoes were purchased at thrift stores or on sale. The expensive ones were purchased by my husband as gifts. So technically I didn’t pay too much for them at all.

It’s hard to think that when I was younger, having more than 3 pairs of shoes was considered excessive. Yet the older I got, I figured I could afford more shoes since I had a job. I’m a little embarrassed to admit this (considering this is a personal finance blog) but the most I had was 30+ pairs. The majority of them weren’t even very comfortable. Stylish yes, but comfort is out of the question. Funny how I changed.


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