Items I Buy At The Dollar Store

Almost every frugal person has shopped at a dollar store. For me, it’s not a place I plan for. I probably spend around $25.00 every time I go so it’s not too out of my budget. I probably go to one every other month depending on what I need. Now this list is my personal list which fits my budget and lifestyle. To be honest, it’s a hit or miss kind of shopping. Not all items are quality, but they are budget friendly, and I can justify quantity depending on what I need.

  1. Cleaning Erasers. You know those magic cleaning erasers? They usually sell for $4 for TWO. Yes two. I can get a 2 pack for $1. Sure they don’t last as long if you compare one eraser  but two cheap ones do the same amount of cleaning as name brand one.
  2. Holiday Items. Yes even cheaper than a thrift store. Now items may not be quality but I can get a great amount of décor for less than $10.00.
  3. Greeting cards. The irony of this. You see I’m a merchandiser for a greeting card company. Yet I don’t get discounts. I still buy greeting cards here. Usually you will find a $2.95 card for less than $1 (normally 2 for 1).
  4. Plastic food containers. You can always buy in bulk but we found that the dollar store has cheaper prices and the quality isn’t so bad ( mine sells Betty Crocker brands). I don’t feel so guilty when we leave containers at a party anymore.
  5. Containers for storage. I’ve purchased trash containers, pantry containers, bathroom, etc.
  6. Party favors. Depending on the holiday, I will always stop by to pick up some things to fill up my nieces & nephews goodie bags.
  7. Cosmetics. This I have to look through for. It’s a hit or miss but when you find a name brand, it’s great stock up because they might not sell them again.
  8. Hand made soap. Ever since my discovery of the gentleness of hand made soap, I’m always looking for them on sale.
  9. Movie Candy boxes. Sometimes dollar stores even have a better variety than stores like Target & Walmart.
  10. Pregnancy tests. I keep a few extra. They work just as well as the brand name ones. Except you have to pee on a cup for samples.

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