No Monthly Progress For August & Why I’m Behind My Goals

I had so much planned for September. I was going to set up our Etsy Store ( Might happened later this month instead), List 10 Items EVERYDAY ( More like 22X this month), Get my Ebay Room Organize (Oh man… remember that Friends Scene where Monica had that closet?), and purge my house of more crap. I got nothing done! NOTHING! For a good reason though. I’m pregnant. Yup…the same person who wrote this Blog Post in February.

It’s a little to early to really announce it ( I’m only in my first trimester) but it’s the reason why I haven’t been getting things done. I’m just so tired and sleepy that it’s driving me crazy. No monthly progress this month. My husband and I were a little reckless because I know it will go done to $3,000.

My husband planned a last minute cruise. We figure since it’s the last vacation for quite some time, it’s just seemed like a good idea. Of course this puts us back to what we had in the beginning of the year but oh well. We would have not booked it if we didn’t have the money in the savings.

Let’s hope my townhome sells soon. It’s just not moving due to the fact that the tenants are not keeping it clean and sometimes they are hesitant to show it while they are, or are not home. They are still paying rent so I really can’t complain. I just wish their house closes soon ( as soon as they found out I was selling mine, they went to buy their own.).


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