Is There Really A Right Time To Have Kids?

Kids are such a sensitive topic these days that I’m surprise I still get the usual question of “So when are you guys planning to have kids?.” For some reason people assume I’d become a baby making machine once I was married. My 2 year anniversary coming up (Nov 2015) and to actually be pregnant within that time frame is still rather early for me. I honestly do not know why a few months ago my husband and I had this urge to become pregnant. Maybe it was all of these pregnancy ads swimming around my mailbox. It could also be we were at the point that we felt we are somewhat prepared to have one. Are we really prepared? Is it the right time? How do you know?

I know some parents who were ready. Financially and emotionally they felt it was time. Us? I’m a little embarrassed to admit our decision was so quick it was like ordering off a menu. “Ah yes , I want the order children with a side of say goodbye to date nights.” I mean we knew that eventually we would want them but having them when the time was right was a fog in our lives. I have to admit even now I don’t feel the time is right. Financially we are probably we are not ready. Emotionally? Maybe. Ok maybe not. It’s hard to imagine there will be a mini version of ourselves attached to our hips.

At least I know it was my husband and mine decision and we are doing this together. Maybe I’m more ready than some, but I wish people would stop asking when we are going to have them. It’s such a personal question no one has to discuss.


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