September 2015 Monthly Progress: $2400.00 & Do I Really Need To Go To Breastfeeding Class?

$2400.00 Whoa there. Savings has dwindled down. It’s due to our last minute cruise we have planned next month. My husband and I figured we might as well take one final long vacation before the baby comes. We had the money but blowing a couple a thousand always makes me sweat a little. We are considering it his birthday cruise and our 2nd Anniversary cruise.

By the way it had to go down more because my tenants finally moved out of my townhome so now I’m paying the mortgage out of pocket. I hope I get an offer soon. My agent relisted it under a different MLS number and I lowered the price a little. Since she now has the freedom to show it whenever she wants, she feels more confident it will sell. I hope it does. We would have to start borrowing money from our mutual fund if our savings goes down to $0.

I was looking at my health insurance website and if I signed up for their pregnancy program I would get $100.00 if I go to all my appointments for the first twelve weeks. Of course I signed up! $100! I’ll get free money whenever I can! The weird thing though is that when I called they asked me if I was planning to attend breastfeeding classes. I thought that was so weird. I mean how hard is it to aim a tit in to a newborn’s mouth? So I lied and said “Sure. In the future.” I lied fearing I wouldn’t get $100 if I would have said no. I guess all I have to do now is let my doctor know at my next appointment about submitting my flow chart of appointments and then all I have to do is head down to the office and get my  $100 check.


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