Unexpected Repairs

For a few months now my husband has been keeping his credit card low. He has been doing this by basically not spending on frivolous things. I’m really proud of him because I know what it’s like to try to put yourself on a budget. In general, our budget isn’t budgeted up to the last dollar. Though there is a flaw which is we aren’t saving very much (living on his salary + eBay). When an unexpected repair/expense comes in we tend to freak out a bit.

Last week we took his car in to get repaired. It has been driving weird,steering toward the right, and making a weird vibrating sound. We were at the point wondering if it was really time to start talking about getting a new car and in reality we couldn’t afford one. Luckily our mechanic said it will drive better and we don’t have to get another car for a while. I don’t mind paying $300 for repairs. To me it is better than a car payment. He unfortunately was worrying but I did remind him we have the money. We just have to be extra careful for a while. Especially since it looks like I will be seeing the OB/GYN every month.

I think he is feeling better now. Since being married to me, I think he started to feel as if he needs to provide for everything. He does a great job now but with aspect of him becoming a father,  he feels the pressure even more. I think it’s because he didn’t really have to see money problems growing up like I did. I reminded him there is nothing wrong if kids sees there is money problems. I know he had a great childhood but I also know it can be done frugally.


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