Budget Travels: Preparing For Vacation

Our cruise is sneaking up behind us that in a few days we will be sea bound. This will be my second cruise and I’m excited. Though since I am pregnant there are limited things I can’t do. I’m not going to let not going in hot tubs, not trying certain excursions, and not eating in ports ruin it. Still I’m a little bit  behind in preparation. I know most people just make sure that they are pack the night before but I like to do some preparation that involves the end of the vacation of coming home to a nice clean home.

Here is my general list:

  1. Pack clothing and toiletries the night before
  2. Prepare vacation folder /pregnancy folder
  3. Pay bills early
  4. Clean house. It’s always nice to come home to a nice clean home.
  5. Clean cat fountains and litter (one cat will stay home, other two will be with grandpa)
  6. Throw out food that will spoil while we are gone.
  7. Laundry has to be done. Especially husband’s uniforms.
  8. Notify boss of upcoming activities due for the person covering for me.
  9. Put eBay store on vacation with auto response.
  10. Leave Nephew note on what to do while we are gone (he’s feeding our one cat that is staying)

It seems counter intuitive to prepare for a relaxing vacation. Yet if I don’t do this, my mind will be constantly worrying what I should have done before going. I’m so excited. I love going on cruises. On my first cruise  it was a Disney Cruise to the Caribbean. I spent the first few days being sea sick but after dramamine I realized how much cruising is relaxing and much easier to stick to a budget.


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