Budget Travels: Back Home From Cruise

I’m back from our week long cruise. This cruise is definitely mellow compared to my honeymoon cruise two years ago. I still enjoyed it and had fun. Ports were a bit of a bust for me. Our cruise was a Mexican Riviera cruise with Holland America.

The weather was still considered too hot for me (normally I’d be okay but my pregnancy makes me hot ) and I was a little turned off with the locals offering to drive us to where we need. Sometimes I just want to walk around to nice places and just be left alone browsing to my heart’s content.

The cruise was nice and I did enjoy the food at both the buffet and MDR ( Main Dining Room). It’s true the client base for Holland America was more senior than young couples/families but we didn’t mind. We took this cruise to relax and just enjoy the ship. The ship Veendam is considered a mid size ship. It was cozy and small compared to the first cruise I took which was Disney Fantasy. I think in the future I will stick with the larger ships due to more activities being available.

Even though we are back, it’s nice to be back home with the cats being able to roam around to their liking. Grandpa’s house is filled with furniture that they tend to scratch. We also owe them a couple of fake plants. There is a reason why I can’t grow herbs or plants in my house. My fur babies think they are salads. I will post some pictures up soon!


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