October 2015 Monthly Progress: No Progress & Thanksgiving

I’m not doing a monthly progress for October 2015. We are hoping to close on the sale on our townhome ( My bachelorette home) in a matter of weeks. October was also a flurry of unexpected expenses. Such as vet visit for Jager, Home Owner Docs ordered, some cruise expenses ( technically not unexpected), and purchases for our trip.

With the sale of my townhome we are making a good profit. I’m not going to go through details due to the fact things may happen such as, under estimate of items or just the closing process just not happening. Though according to my agent the process is going smoothly. With this sale we are planning to pay off a portion of my student loans, get new iphones, hardwood & maybe carpet floors, & of course stuff for our pending baby. We feel very lucky and greatful to have this happen to us. We will have enough to definitely fund emergency fund, at least 6 months expenses, and a decent down payment on our next home ( this isn’t happening any time soon).

Just to let you me buying my townhome by myself wasn’t completely bliss. I was still in College and working. During those few years living there, I did have bouts of when my boyfriend ( now husband) did help with my bills, and I contemplated if the purchase was smart thing to do. After living there a couple of years I moved in with my boyfriend, and rented my townhome. Renting it was easy because it was in a good location and the price was right. I used a property management for this. Now we are at a time of our life where we needed the money and I felt the market was good. Some people would say I should have kept the property and sell it when the market gets better, but to be honest I think this is the best it will be. Especially for a townhome. Townhomes in general are harder to sell compared to an actual house. I have no regrets and hope the next buyer will make money when they need to sell it too.

Aside from this, Thanksgiving is coming up. Most people dread Thanksgiving due to seeing family. I know how that feels but that doesn’t happen too much in my family. We are congregating to a family friend’s home and celebrating it with them. We each potluck a dish per family. My husband and I are bringing a chicken dish and he is making home made bread rolls. Most of Thanksgiving is spent watching football or just catching up with each other. I hope you have the holiday you want!




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