Budget Travels: Holland American Veendam Mexican Riviera

Hi everybody! Here are some pictures from my week long cruise from a few weeks ago. We didn’t take too many pictures. Probably because our brains were on vacation mode as well. This cruise was completely different from my first one. This ship is considered a mid size ship, more older clientele, and activities that was catered to their clientele as well. I personally enjoyed this cruise. I wanted this vacation to be relaxing and that is what we experienced.

We also got a great last minute deal for this cruise. With service and port charges, it was $2,000 for the two of us for an ocean view cabin. This also included dining at their restaurants ( Some started at $10+). I definitely envy people who live close to ports. Cruising is a great way to stay on a vacation budget.


Our ship

Some towels by our cabin stewards. Love the monkey:).

This was during a van tour of Mazatlan.

Mazatlan. I forgot the name of the church. Since there was a service going on we tried not to take too many pictures. I was amazed with the details in the architecture.  Though that Jesus on the cross was a bit surprising to me. I have never seen a Jesus statue with so much blood details.

Finally arriving back to San Diego.

There was so much stuff I didn’t mention. 7 days in my opinion is a great amount of time of a cruise if you haven’t cruise before. My husband said two weeks is good too if you like cruising. He said the first week is usually when you try to do as much as you can, then the second week is more of a relaxing period. In the future I hope to go on a two week cruise. Though I have my mind set on an Alaskan cruise.


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