A Very Merry Christmas To All

Hello all. This year’s holiday has been such a blur for me. I didn’t even realize Christmas was next week already. Didn’t we just celebrate Thanksgiving yesterday? It seemed that way for me. Since I’m fighting such a terrible cold I will be brief and probably won’t blog until next year.

My townhome has officially been sold. It feels so surreal.  I can’t believe I have one less thing to worry about when I budget in the beginning of the month! When there was a tenant the rent paid for the mortgage, HOA, and warranty. It’s such a relief to not worry about those things anymore. It’s true I wasn’t making money nor losing money. Yet the stress of making sure I had enough for those things is gone. I know it’s my fault. I never grasp my budget very well. Especially since what I contribute to my household isn’t fixed. Plus being pregnant has made me more tired and slower than usual. Now though I will have to come up with a new budget again. I’m excited. We made a huge chunk of money that we feel very blessed for having.

The holidays has been going pretty smooth. Thanksgiving was nice. Just a few family weirdness going on but I never let that ruin the fun. Black friday we did end up spending some money even before the sale of the house closed. We didn’t spend too much. We purchased mostly gifts for people, and I bought new 600 count bed sheets for less than  $50. Eventually we bought stuff for our baby.

This Christmas I will be spending it with my husband only. Every Christmas for the past few years we always spend it with his Family in the middle of December. We spend Christmas Eve with my family. Since most of my family members are spending it this year with my brother in TN, we decided to spend it alone just us two. I’m excited. The menu for us two is:

1) Baked Ham (made by my husband)

2) Baked Green Beans (me)

3) Stove Top Stuffing (me)

4) Maybe Chorizo rice (me)

Aside from this, my doctors’ appointments have been going good I guess. My blood pressure is higher than usual but they haven’t told me. I know the number isn’t high enough for pre-eclampsia so I’m assuming that’s why they have been pretty mum about it. I’m about 6 months now. My due date is inching closer that I can’t believe he’s considered 24 weeks ( I’m having a boy :)).

Well I hope all of you have a good holiday. If you’re spending it alone just remember there is someone out there wishing THEY could spend it alone. Family gatherings are stressful. Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!


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