Student Loans $16,341

If you look to the right I hope you notice something:). My progress bar is definitely more filled than before. This is for my student loans which in 2011 I graduated with $28,000. Having it below $20,000 is such a great feeling. I will definitely be dancing when it hits 4 figures. I wish I could be like other bloggers who seem to budget very well to be able to pay huge amounts every month ( is such a blog.)

From the sale of our townhome ( my bachelorette pad) I decided to use $6,000 of the money we made toward my student loans. While this is only 10% of what we made, I feel it is a good amount to set aside for student loans.

Now I know I need to set a budget to pay down the student loans even more. My husband needs a new “used” car/suv. We have been talking and we have a feeling we will need a bigger car for our growing family. Except we can’t afford a car payment if we are still paying down my student loans. He just realized we could afford a car if we can pay down this loan, and save for a healthy down payment.




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One thought on “Student Loans $16,341

  1. Mrs Aspiring Frugalista December 29, 2015 at 1:25 pm Reply

    congratulations on the debt reduction!

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