Limiting Contact With Toxic Family

This year I’ve decided to limit contact with toxic family members. This is not just for my well being but theirs as well. Unfortunately this is mostly pertaining to direct family which is one of my sisters. I shouldn’t go in to detail on what happened in the past because I could write a book but my decision is what’s best for me.

When I say limiting contact, I mean only seeing her through holidays, or family get togethers. In general my siblings and I have tried to stay in good terms as much as possible but to be honest when there are rifts between us it always has to do with her. What are my reasons for this limit?

1) She only contacts me when she wants something.

2) She tries to borrow money even if it is a small amount. Don’t get me started with some sob story on why she needs money.

3) When there is a get together at my house, she mentions last minute an extra person is coming.

4) She is the relative that always ask inappropriate questions that has nothing to do with her business.

5) She doesn’t take the blame when something wrong happens in her life.

So now I just don’t answer her texts as much anymore. I always says no when she invites us over for food or anything. Fearing I will need to “owe” her for being nice. If only I didn’t live within a 5 minute drive from her.    Aside from her I started deleting family members off my facebook or blocking them when they contact me in some scam they are trying to sell to me.






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